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In your mind is where I'll plant my seed

I was reading some of my old journal entries and I think I figured out the problem. My problem.They say girls "marry their fathers". It means they marry a guy that shares the same characteristics as her father. I used to be attracted to my complete opposite. Someone wreckless and outspoken. I still am but I'm scaring myself because lately I feel like I'm thinking like a 40-year-old woman does. He's nice but..he doesn't have any goals. He's sweet but..he still lives with his parents and he's 24. 
Yikes. I think..I'm bitter.
So I get called a lesbian because I am drunk and I'm not slutty.
Relationships are about taking risks but I'm all done with that. You get burned when you take risks. I've given up so much of myself to make something work. I don't want to compromise anymore. I am following my mind, not my heart. If I want to take a risk, I'll go skydiving.
I'm single and I'm okay. I wish 2 of my greatest friends weren't countless miles away.
Guys that play guitars or are in bands are fucking ridiculous.
I have a feeling whatever is going to make me happy won't be found in this state.
My wonderful and amazing best friend is getting married in a little over 2 weeks. Oh.My.God.
I want to meet someone who will write a song or poem about me. Actually, I want to be someone's muse.
I'm a little scatter-brained when I drink coffee.
I'm a horrible planner and I never answer my phone. Love it or leave it!

"'You take someone's breath away,' I stressed. 'You rob them of the ability to utter a single word.' I tipped the neck of the empty liquor bottle toward him. 'You steal a heart' "

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