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Like..for sure!!

"I said they were going to lose, and they lost. The Bruins lost. I think they played pathetically in games 3-6. I think Raycroft was amazing in the first game and then worn out in all of the rest. I am blaming him for their loss tonight. If he had seen the puck, instead of thinking it was under him, he would have stopped the only goal. Yes the Canadiens won 2-0 but they scored an empty-net goal in the last like 5 seconds so that doesn't count. But that was the perfect way to end my fcuking perfect day. Tomorrow I get to have my wisdom teeth taken out. OH YEAH! HANSON'S NEW CD COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! Yeah! Bitches! And I'm buying it. I'm all excited! So that will be the highlight of tomorrow. I guess. I don't know. Have to wait til tomorrow. Oh so I feel so bad for the Bruins. Losing like that. They were ahead in the series 3-1 and they just stopped right there. They played like shit, even Raycroft. I think Jose Theodore, the Canadiens goalie, needs to get most of the credit. He was awesome from game 4 on. And he got his first play-off shut-out. So good job Theo. But I'm disappointed. :( But I can't wait until next season! Raycroft will DEFINITELY be around again. I read some article and he said he was living out of his car and hotels. ;*( I'll let you stay with me Andrew! ;) lmao. So I'm done with the Bruins for now.... Sadly... I'm getting kind of nervous for tomorrow. I don't know why. My teeth are all screwed up right now so I really want these teeth out! Like my bottom teeth have all moved so they're overlapping and it hurts and feels weird and looks bad. So I'm hoping my teeth will go back to normal when my wisdom teeth are out. Did I mention the girl my dentist told me about yet? She had the same problems with her wisdom teeth as me and got her's out and DIDN'T swell. So I'm hoping I won't either... lmao Knowing my luck I'll swell like twice the normal size. So I think I'm off to go draw some more. More Taylor Hanson... I'm in love with that man... Oh wow, I should show you the weirdest picture I found of him. Wearing a POT LEAF sweater! LMAO! How cute is that? Ahh!! I'll do that later. So let's seeeeeeeee... I think that about does it! Check you later! ~Punkie~ "


I owe some thanks to someone in this world that I didnt end up like that.

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That entry doesn't sound like you at all. It's a new side I must admit I've just now come to see. I never knew you liked Hockey.. let alone Hanson. lol. Anywho. Ttyl.