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Life eh?

My name is Sarah Ann Viger. I am 17 years young. I have no brothers or sisters. I have a hamster named Charlie and a dog named Blondie. I am a cutter. I smoke Marijuana but I am not a stoner. I am quiet sometimes. Maybe too much. My parents are very sheltering and really don't know me at all. I met Brian McNamara and listened to Green Day and my life changed forever in 8th grade. I have no idea what I want to do when I gradute from high school. I really enjoy having friends. I lack motivation..terribly. I am an extremely jealous person. I am a capricorn. I just ripped a large piece of skin off of my finger again (I do that a lot). I twirl my hair constantly. I love books. I am very self concious. I am very simple..jeans, hoodie, t-shirt and shoes make me happy. I have a wide taste in music. I <3 Colleen and Kelsey (you guys are the absolute best). I'm an average student. I love to eat. I dont have small hands! Thats me.

I just want to be HAPPY
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